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The main function of Unit Penempatan Pekerjaan Orang Kurang Upaya (UPPOKU) is to assist in enhancing the total of OKUs whom capable to work in all job sectors in Johore State through the help of Job Coach.

The main roles of Job Coach :-

  • Gaining information regarding to vacancies available for OKU.
  • Developing good relationship with the employers and ensuring them get the OKU that suits the vacancy offered.
  • Making Job-Matching with OKUs’ needs.
  • Assisting the OKU in accustoming themselves with the surroundings of their work place such as the relationship with the employer and colleagues.
  • Providing vocational training and orientation at work place based on their job-requirement needs.
  • Encouraging the OKU in their work.
  • Making assessment towards their work capability.

Other functions of UPPOKU:

  • Gaining and accumulating information and data of OKU whom capable to work in Johore State.
  • Developing and strengthening a good relationship with general and private agencies, and also non-government organication (NGO) whom directly or indirectly involved in building job opportunities for OKUs in Johore. 
  • Expanding Job Module in general and private agencies in order to enhance the total of OKU in job sector in Johore.

Target group:

  • OKU who has potential to work
  • OKU who already in service but does not suit the job  


The objectives are :-

  • Developing more OKU-friendly service of government officers especially for whom involved in department of customer service, human resource & training, medical and security.
  • Alerting the participants to understand and apply the sign language in order to fulfill the communication requirement more properly and effectively.
  • Understanding the culture of deaf-numb people.
  • Giving exposure, interest and confidence to participants to study further the Malaysia Sign Language or Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM).

This course is a pilot program which involves the government & federal staff of Johore whom in service under the Government of Johore State. The details of program are as follows :-

Program : Malaysia Sign Language Intensive Course
Date : 12 till 16 April 2015
Venue : Berjaya Tioman Resort, Pulau Tioman

Program : Malaysia Sign Language Follow-up Class
Date : Every Friday from May till August 2015
Venue : Kolej Komuniti Pasir Gudang (Community College)

This program has been executed by accredited trainers from Persatuan Orang Pekak Johor and secretariat from Yayasan Pembangunan Keluarga Darul Takzim. 

The target group is 30 government staves whom directly in service with deaf community which has been identified by the organizer. However, there were only 28 representatives whom joined the course in 2015.

The execution of the course took 5 days 4 nights whilst 9 weeks for the follow-up class at Kolej Komuniti Pasir Gudang (Community College).

The program’s contents are :- 

  • This course is divided into 9 topics of learning. The signing hands has been accumulated and divided into 10 topics based on certain criteria of usage and sign.
  • The participants shall be taught quick spell skill, identify form of sign hand based on needs in work and situation.
  • There are varieties of methods which are taught in communication of Malaysia Sign Language or Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM) such as body language and face expression as to enhance the mastery of BIM.
  • At the end of the class, the participants shall be trained in a form of 2-way BIM communication as to balancing the understanding of subject learned.
  • The participants shall be tested in-between (such as story-telling session, news reading in BIM, briefing & communication with deaf community) to ensure the level of their understanding and achievement in this course.

The program’s format/concept :-

  • The format is executed in variety methods through-out course briefing, learning session, direct BIM communication, training in group and certain suitable sport activities.
  • The participants are divided into small groups (14 persons each group) and are placed in separate rooms together with a sign language trainer (for learning).
  • The participants will be given the Understanding Test at the end of session to assess their understanding and mastery.
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